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False Ceiling in Bhopal

We do False Ceiling Design in Bhopal, False Ceiling for Home and Office for Decoration in Bhopal.

False Ceiling Contractors in Bhopal. Using different light-weight materials, when a structure is created on a framework affixed or hung to an existing ceiling.

False Ceiling Contractors in M P Nagar, Bhopal As the name suggests, a false ceiling is a ‘ceiling’ hung or fixed for decorative purposes to an existing ceiling. You can custom make your false ceiling on the basis of its design, colour and lighting that complements the look of your residence or office premises.

Today, a false ceiling is much more than just a covering for steel or RCC structures. It is a multipurpose surface that serves in terms of thermal insulation.

A False ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is suspended below the main ceiling of the room. False ceiling inside residence are mainly done with POP or Gypsum.

False ceilings are light in weight, moisture resistant and reduce condensation and subsequent dripping from ceiling onto work surfaces. We specialize in false ceiling installation by creating innovative and unique designs that perfectly match the indoor setting.