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About Us

Welcome to Sajjad Ali’s Interior Designer & Decorators we are Bhopal’s Best Home Decoration company.

Sajjad Ali has been designing, interiors & exteriors for over 14 years and our expertise liesin several area from homes, boutiques and theme Restaurant to corporate hubs. At Sajjad Ali Interior our goal is to help you create your perfect environment, at home or work. We will guide you in designing attractive, yet functional facilities, saving you countless hours and costly mistakes. We believe, every Interior should reflect the Client’s Ideas, Image, Goals and should also Encompass exciting possibilities previously unexplored.

At Sajjad Ali Interior, we believe that design is intimately linked to use, place, the client’s aspirations and contextual factors, such as his/her cultural traditions. We also believe that the greatest designs cannot be reproduced. They are unique to the occupant. Our mission is to provide our clients with highly utilitarian, intuitive design solutions that are responsive to their needs and the changing environment in terms of both their scale and context.